Drawing & Observing boundary lines for physical intimacy while dating

πŸŽ™- Physical intimacy while dating: Drawing & observing boundary lines

As a Christian, you know that you should wait till you’re married to fully experience physical intimacy with your partner. So, it’s important to set boundary lines while dating to successfully wait until the right time.

On this podcast episode, I shared some advice on drawing and observing these lines while dating.

Listen, learn and enjoy!

I’ll love to know what you think.

β†’ What advice would you like to add?

β†’ What is working for you in your relationship?

β†’ What didn’t work for you in the past?

Let me know in the comment section. Thank you! If you have any question, please feel free to ask as well.

In case you missed my last post, I shared some reasons why you should have boundary lines for physical intimacy while dating. You should check it out.

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  • 'Dipo
    Posted at 13:46h, 04 July Reply

    I love it! Every point πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ. I think I interpreted it would go in a different direction when I listened to part 1 but yeah, good good points!

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 16:25h, 04 July Reply

      Thanks a lot, Dipo. 😊

      Hmm, I’m curious to know what direction you had in mind.

      • 'Dipo
        Posted at 14:08h, 05 July Reply

        Maybe at least a specific example? But thinking about it now, using specific examples has it’s disadvantage. It may lead to rule-keeping, like a do this or don’t do this mindset. Do you get what I meant now?

        1 other part I liked was the review part, like after sometime both persons asking what works and how it has been for them.

        Loved the podcast. I think sticking with the principles, the way you did and letting people figure out, with the help of the Holy Spirit how it specifically applies to them is a better way to go about it. Maybe if there’s an interactive session then specifics can be discussed so nothing is lost in translation πŸ˜„

        • Oyinkansola Odunlami
          Posted at 00:25h, 09 July Reply

          I get you now. Thanks for clarifying that.

          As you rightly mentioned, I believe settings rules may be counterproductive if you don’t understand why the rules are necessary. I talked more this on the podcast too.

          Thanks for the great feedback, Dipo. 😊

  • Rubie Targema-Takema
    Posted at 13:09h, 09 July Reply

    Absolutely loved this!
    Simple and succinct.
    I would add that you be mindful of where you go with your partner too! All the late night meetings alone really isn’t necessary. Even some day time alone meetings aren’t necessary, lol.
    Environments can spur feelings so don’t even set yourself up by being secluded in areas alone, I don’t care how much self control you think you have! Lol

    I would also say people should have safe words! This has helped me, if you start feeling a kind of way by a conversation, both parties should have safe words that they can use and the other party gets the message.

    Purity must be the agenda all day everyday! Not just in actions but thoughts too!

    Thanks Oyinkan

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 01:33h, 10 July Reply

      My pleasure, Rubie.☺️
      I love the additions: keeping a safe environment and using safe words.πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

      Thanks for the lovely comment! Always glad to see you here.

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