questions and answers on my dating experience

🎙- Q & A on my dating experience

One of the highlights of becoming 23 was that I started dating. As I mentioned in that post, there’s more to share about my dating experience.

I did a question tag on my Instagram about it and got questions on what people would like to know.

So, this podcast covers my answers to those questions and some tips on navigating dating.

Listen, learn and enjoy!

I would love to hear from you.

What have you learned from your dating experience?
What helps you get better at navigating dating?
If you’re not dating currently, what do you look forward to about dating? 

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Thank you!

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  • Marvey
    Posted at 17:17h, 09 April Reply

    Just finished listening to your podcast; thanks for sharing with us.
    From my dating experience, I’ve learnt a whole lot and I’m still learning. One that sticks out for me is the fact that it takes more than “I want to make this work”. Actual work is needed from both ends to make it work. Faith also being a major check for both parties helps a great deal too.

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 11:12h, 10 April Reply

      My pleasure, Marvey!

      Oh yes. Those are excellent points. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Oluchi
    Posted at 18:30h, 09 April Reply

    This is so amazing sis! I love the transparency and honesty.

    I’d like to share from my very recent dating experience. I strongly encourage everyone that your non-negotiable shouldn’t be traded or compromised no matter what.
    In terms of abstinence/sex until marriage, If you notice that your significant other isn’t on the same spiritual page as you are Or they have voiced out a new way they want to be loved which is physical touch i.e. sex.
    I would advise you stop the relationship there as you are unable to fulfil their love request and to avoid you falling into temptation thus breaking your non-negotiable with God.
    It won’t be an easy breakup but knowing that God won’t put you to shame is a great reminder that you will pull through your healing process.
    Bigger and better is coming, hold tight!
    I hope this helps someone.

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 11:18h, 10 April Reply

      Thank you, Oluchi.💜

      Very well said! Our relationship with God should come first.
      Sorry about that experience. I trust God to give you the best relationship that wouldn’t put a strain on your faith.

      Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Vivienne
    Posted at 18:54h, 09 April Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Learnt alot from this bit.

  • Rubie Targema-Takema
    Posted at 02:08h, 10 April Reply

    Love love loved listening to this Oyinkan! Thanks for sharing with us ❤️!
    I’m super happy for you, you sound satisfied and happy with your relationship and it is as it should be!

    For me, I’ve had one partner since I started dating and I’m certain he’s the one I’m walking down the aisle with. We’ll be 3 years in September this year. We’ve known each other for 4. Built friendship in the first year, starting dating the second year.

    My lessons so far and advice to people getting into that phase is;

    – Dont go into something without a clear motive and intention. The Holy Spirit guides us as you said, so don’t do trial and error with your life

    – Learn to love from Jesus, my best compliments from my partner is how much He feels Gods love from me. That warms my heart because I’m so intentional about loving Him the way God loves him, fully and without condition

    – Have dove eyes! Doves don’t have peripheral vision, so focus on your partner and them alone, give no room for the devil within and also outside the relationship. If you’re christians, you know already that purity is the order of the day

    – finally, when there’s issues or arguments, remember that it’s you two against the problem and not you two against each other. Don’t make the mistake of making your partner the enemy and say stuff in anger that you’ll regret later

    – an extra; lol, learn your own love culture. My partner and I love emails! We talk everyday over WhatsApp but emails are very special to us too, we also have words we are not allowed to use in the relationship and we have frequent reviews on how we’re doing.

    But generally!! Just rest! Anything that God has orchestrated will come with ease! Ease that still requires effort but don’t leave effort out!

    Thanks again Oyinkan! Really loved this!

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 11:32h, 10 April Reply

      Oh Rubie Rubie. Such a precious comment. Thank you so much for this. I agree with your points.

      Thank you for the lovely comment.💜 It feels good being satisfied and happy.

      Congratulations on 3 years! 🎉
      I love the certainty and I wish you guys all the best.

  • Gbemisola Bamgbose
    Posted at 11:01h, 19 April Reply

    This is soo good
    Friendship is important and being on the same page with your partner on spiritual things is very important
    Thanks for this Oyikan

    Posted at 14:53h, 21 April Reply

    Really great podcast 👍🏽
    Noticed the emphasis on communication between both parties.
    Thanks for sharing with us. 🙏🏽

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 16:39h, 21 April Reply

      Yes, communication is important.

      Thank you for listening and engaging, Henry. 😊

  • Femi Ogunbambo
    Posted at 23:54h, 13 May Reply

    Awesome piece Oyinkan!

    I have learnt quite a lot from this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to other insightful pieces.


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