Highlights of Colours & Flavours at 3

Highlights of Colours & Flavours at 3! šŸ„³

3 years ago on October 6, I officially started Colours & Flavours. šŸ„³ 3 years already! It’s been an amazing experience thus far and I’m super grateful.

To start my gratitude list, I thank God for everything. He supplies the grace, wisdom and strength to do this work. Colours & Flavours wouldn’t be here without Him. So, please, take a moment to thank Him on my behalf, too. Thank you.

Next on my list is you. Yes, you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading the blog posts, listening to the podcast, subscribing to my mailing list, sharing the posts and engaging with your comments and feedback. And a special thanks to my encouragers and unofficial accountability partners this past year.

Finally, a big thank you to my family and my fav for supporting me always. Thank you for also helping me to review posts, titles and featured images. I love you guys.

Before running ahead with the new year, I did a review of the last year and these are some highlights.

The 3 most-read blog posts:

1. Highlights of my journey to 23

2. 3 Platforms to help improve your prayer and Bible study culture

3. 9 Tips to help you grow as a Christian

The 3 most played podcast episodes:

1. Q & A on my dating experience (I wasn’t surprised šŸ˜)

2. Should you share your relationship on social media?

3. Physical intimacy while dating: Why have boundary lines?

The 3 new things that happened:

āœ”ļø Top on my list, I created the first guide for Colours & Flavours – From my toolkit on love (Vol. 1) This was a big one for me so I hope you find it helpful.

āœ”ļø Secondly, I rebranded the podcast and released a new artwork. You can see it here and listen to the new trailer episode as well.

āœ”ļø Most recently, I opened an Instagram account @coloursandflavoursdotcom to keep up with the community. Watch my latest video celebrating Colours & Flavours at 3.

I love to see it. šŸ˜

Without a doubt, God has been faithful through it all. It’s been 3 amazing years sharing stories and lessons on navigating faith, love & life. And things only get better and bigger, by God’s Grace. Amen.

3 ways to join the celebration

1. Share what you love about Colours & Flavours in the comment section.

2. Send the link to the blog or podcast to a friend and invite them to subscribe.

3. Follow the Instagram page @coloursandflavoursdotcom and share how much you love Colours & Flavours on your story. Please, remember to tag me.

You can join in any or all 3 ways. šŸ˜

Thank you again for being a part of this journey. Cheers to the best year yet! šŸ„‚

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