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3 Platforms to help improve your prayer and Bible study culture

It’s most likely that one of your goals or plans involves your spirituality. Having a goal is a good step. However, you should set up the necessary structure and do the work to achieve your plan. To assist with that, these three platforms that can help improve your prayer and Bible study culture. Additionally, I included one bonus platform I recently discovered.

1. Triumph30 Devotional

This has been an amazing devotional platform for me. You get a good dose of edifying teaching from God’s Word daily. It is available on the web version and mobile app for both Andriod and IOS devices. The devotional is an initiative of Celebration Church Int’l.

Another amazing part of the devotional is the daily live prayer sessions. This happens for 30 minutes in the morning and evening, except Sunday morning. There’s also a midday prayer session for 15 minutes daily except on Sunday. You stream via Mixlr to join the devotion while someone leads you in about 15 mins of teaching and 15 mins of prayer. Also, you can catch up on all published live devotions through the showreel section on Mixlr.

You get to be vibrant in your prayer life and edified from God’s Word daily. Check out the website for more information on the live devotion sessions and all published devotionals.

2. Celebration Church Int’l (CCI) Sermon Library

A wonderful thing about technology is that it aids the spread of the Truth. You get access to the resources of Bible teachers without the need to physically attend a meeting.

One church I virtually connect with is Celebration Church Int’l (CCI). This Church has provided sermons on a range of topics on its website. You grow remarkably in your knowledge of Christ and learn to teach same accurately. The teachings are clear and backed up with Scriptures.

The sermons are also available on the major podcast platforms.

3. YouVersion Bible Reading plans

The YouVersion Bible is another gift of technology. It has a web and mobile app version to keep you connected to your Bible.

Asides being your digital Bible, it provides access to various free Bible reading plans from different contributors. This can help improve your knowledge on a specific topic. It can provide a structure to read a book of the Bible and even the entire Bible over a period. There’s also an alarm feature to remind you to read your Bible or Bible plan.

Though it provides access to many plans, you need to wisely choose an appropriate Bible plan. You’ve got the Holy Spirit to help you.

Bonus Platform: She Reads Truth / He Reads Truth

Lastly, I recently discovered a new platform that provides Bible reading plans and have been blessed using it. The ladies have a community via She Reads Truth while the guys have theirs via He Reads Truth. You mostly have access to the same reading plans but with different commentaries.

Currently, the Bible plans are free on the website but you may need a subscription to read on the mobile app.

Time to grow and smash your goals!

These recommended platforms are set to help you have a better prayer and Bible study culture. However, you would have to maximise their use to get the benefit.

In conclusion, one tip to guide you on using Christian platforms is to test what you are learning against the Word of God. His Word is the Truth. Explore these platforms and experience progress and joy in your Faith.

If you have other platforms that help you pray or study your Bible better, please be kind to share in the comment section. Thank you!

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