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Welcome to Colours & Flavours Podcast

This is a (re)introduction of Colours & Flavours podcast, formally called Learning, Growing and Sharing with Oyinkansola. It is the same show but with a new name.

Here is the new trailer episode to get you ready for an amazing time. You also find out why I changed the name.

You can also listen on Apple Podcast.

I know podcasts are typically about you listening but I also love to know your thoughts on the discussions. So, find any of the episodes here and please, leave a comment.

You can also leave a comment or send an email to [email protected] if you have a question, suggestion or you would like us to collaborate.

Finally, since there’s a new name, there’s a new artwork too.

Thanks a lot for joining me on this journey. Be sure to share with a friend too. Cheers!

P.S. You can also subscribe to Colours & Flavours Podcast on Apple PodcastSpotifyGoogle Podcast or Anchor.

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