9 Tips to help you grow as a Christian

Do you feel overwhelmed about your walk with God? Or do you wonder how to keep up with your new life in Christ?
These 9 tips can help you grow as a Christian.


I believe the beginning of knowledge in the Christian Faith is to know what the Gospel is and all it takes to be saved.

Therefore, this is the gospel. That God showed His love for us this way: Christ died for our sins, He was raised back to life for our justification and anyone who believes in Him that He did this for them will have eternal life.

The simplicity of the gospel reminds us of God’s love. You can check out these 5 Bible references on the requirement and gift of salvation. 


These tips may sound like common suggestions but they help. Please, give it a try.

1. To begin with, talk to God about it and He will help you.

You can’t do this Christian life with your strength. God makes it much better.

2. Read your Bible.

Don’t get worried about how much you have to read, just start from somewhere.

To help, you can start with a reading plan on YouVersionShe Reads Truth (for the ladies) or He Reads Truth (for the men).

3. Pray always and pray in the Spirit.

Sometimes, I use a journal to write my prayers to God and it helps.

Also, you can use an online devotion to help keep up with a prayer routine. Currently, I join Triumph30 devotion which goes live daily by 6 am, 12 pm and 8 pm except on Sunday morning.
In addition, installing the Mixlr app on my phone has helped. This allows me to listen to the devotion when they are offline or I’m unable to join live. Most of the devotions are stored in the showreel section.

To get started, you can use this prayer companion. Surely, you’ll get in the mood to pray.

4. Use a good devotional.

It helps to learn something daily from the Bible.

Alongside using Triumph30 for help with my prayer routine, I also use it as my devotional. You can install the mobile app or read the devotional on the website.

5. Join and commit to a sound local church.

This has helped me greatly. You can prayerfully look for a good local church to join if you’re currently not attending one.

Although I only occasionally attend the church that has helped me grow, I keep up virtually. In the meantime, you can pick a preferred platform and join us virtually.

6. Get a community of friends you can share your faith journey with.

It may get lonely as you grow, especially if you need to change the company you currently keep. Regardless, you’ll never be alone. You’ve got the Holy Spirit always with you. Nevertheless, it would be great to share your experiences with friends.

7. Share what you are learning with others.

This can help keep you accountable to keep growing. I heard someone advise to share what you learn after every fellowship. With this in mind, you know enough for you to start sharing.

8. Enjoy your relationship with God as your father.

He is your lover and friend. Everything you need. Moreover, this Christian family He has called you into isn’t that of keeping to rules and regulations. God helps you to do what pleases Him. So, allow Him to work in you.

9. Don’t let your feelings rule you.

Sometimes, you may not feel like doing what your new nature wants but you’ve got the Holy Spirit to help you to do better.

For the most part, growing as a Christian can feel like a lot is happening too fast. However, keep your trust in God, He is patient and teaches with love. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, know that He is never leaving you and He always loves you.

In addition, remember that you have a community of believers around. You have a family in Christ so there’s help available for you.

I pray that these tips help you in your quest to know God and help another know Him. Amen.

Do you have more tips to share on growing as a Christian?

Got questions about your journey?

Please, share in the comment section.

Lastly, be kind to share this post with a friend who may need it. Thanks.

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