6 tips on navigating friendships as a growing christian

6 Tips on navigating friendships as a growing Christian

In a previous post, one tip I shared to help you grow as a Christian is to get a community of friends you can share your faith journey with. However, you may be wondering how to navigate your friendships as a growing Christain. You want good people as friends but you also need them to share your faith.

I understand that it can be challenging to find that set of friends to share your Christian journey with. You want your tribe or community. You want friendships where you can share your weaknesses and struggles, be empathised with and have fun. Also, you want to share about who you are now in Christ and fellowship together, friendships where you can share not only good but godly advice.

It may also be that you already have close friends before you became intentional about growing in your faith. But now, they don’t seem to fit the new friendship circle you need.

Here are 6 tips on navigating friendships as a growing Christian

1. Talk to God about it.

God cares about everything that concerns you. Yes, even your friendships. He loves to help with anything and everything so talk to him about it. He will help you build the best friendships.

2. Share your faith experiences with the friends you currently have.

I know you might think they wouldn’t care or understand but you might be surprised that they just needed a push too. You should pray for the boldness and wisdom to talk to them about Jesus. Pray for your friends to have a receptive heart and to grow. If possible, pray together.

Also, your current friendships may grow into Christian friendships that you need. However, be wise. The Bible is clear in 1 Corinthians 15:33: bad company corrupts good character.

3. Start interactions with Christians you meet in your local church, online or offline.

You have a big family in Christ with a lot of brothers and sisters. Don’t be shy to say hello. It may start awkward but you get better only when you try.

4. Participate in the gathering of Christians.

Go for Christian social events. Volunteer for programmes. Join a service group at church. You should vibe with someone eventually.

5. When you feel lonely, remember that you’re not alone.

It’s beautiful to have friends who you can share your faith with. But while you’re looking out for such friendships to be formed, you aren’t alone in your faith. No matter what, you always have the Holy Spirit.

6. Don’t overthink it.

Like you, there are many Christians who want a friendship like what you’re looking for. So, it’s only a matter of time for the right friendships to be formed. In the meantime, enjoy the journey. You’ve got a lot of brothers and sisters to meet.

These tips have been helpful for me in figuring out the friendship aspect of my faith. Give them a try and you’ll be glad you did.

What has helped you with navigating friendships as a growing Christian?

To end this post, here’s a quote I learnt about friendships:

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