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It’s been a minute since I shared what I’ve been learning in the faith. It’s partly because I haven’t been the most diligent in that regard and when I did learn something, I didn’t document but today is a great day. Lately, I’ve been looking through the book of Luke and I’ve learnt a few things although I’m not done yet. Since it’s good to share, here are three lessons from my reading so far.

1. Knowing Jesus had done something in the past builds your confidence that He can do it again. 

Jesus delivered a man from an evil spirit in Luke 4 and people were amazed at the authority with which He commanded the demon out. As expected, the news spread. Subsequently, those who were sick or had sick friends were looking out for Jesus so they could get healed.

One beautiful lesson I got was if Jesus had done it before then He can definitely do it again. The people heard that Jesus had healed someone and that was enough for them to believe that he could heal them.

It’s really amazing knowing that all Jesus did in the Bible, He can do again and even much more.

2. It’s important to be intentional about growing in your relationship with God.

In Luke 5, it was mentioned that Jesus would go away to lonely places where he prayed. Most likely, it was something He did regularly. This is Jesus we are talking about, Son of God and yet He took out time to be alone to pray. You’re in good company if it crossed your mind that what could He be praying about.

So the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus was in a body form. Hence, He wasn’t immune to the experiences of the world or the limitations of the body. The lesson for me was that despite the supernatural nature of Jesus, for Him to take time intentionally to pray while in the world emphasises that it’s a very important habit to have.

Though Jesus was doing what God had sent Him to do on earth, He didn’t get carried away with the work so much that he disregarded a fellowship with the Father. It’s something to be intentional about and gladly we’ve got the Holy Spirit to help.

3. As a believer, Jesus is everything to you.

When Jesus called His first disciples in Luke 5, they left everything and followed Him. Jesus also asked Levi to follow Him in that chapter and it was mentioned that he also left everything and followed Him. Let’s focus on that statement- “left everything and followed Him”. Is that something easy to do? Would you do it?

I know it can be scary to think about it but it’s not impossible. I’m learning that God wouldn’t ask you to do something He can’t make you capable to do. He is a just God.

The lesson here is the obedience the disciples and Levi demonstrated when Jesus called them. Everything else should pale in comparison to Christ. He becomes everything to you once you believe in Him. It may not happen all at once but take time to build your conviction with the help of the Holy Spirit that Jesus is now everything to you no matter what the world may seem to offer.

Philippians 1:21

I’m glad we have the Holy Spirit and aren’t left to ourselves to figure out this life as a believer. Hopefully, you’ve learnt something and would practice.

Also, if you’ve got lessons from Luke or something you’ve been learning, be kind to share in the comments. Thank you!

I hope the year has been picking up nicely for you. If it’s still not the way you expected it to be, remember that with God, nothing slips through the cracks. He’s got you, so rest in Him.


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