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It started in January 2017 while I was coming to terms with my NYSC posting to Kaduna State. I went to the camp market that Sunday morning and at a bookstand, wondering what I could buy, the vendor showed me one of the most amazing books on relationships. It was like he knew what exactly I needed to read at that time, “Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships” by Chip Ingram; of course, the title got me curious and it all began. I completed that book in about eight days, resurrecting my reading culture and it has been a beautiful journey.

This year 2018 has been so lovely with regards to books that I read. I discovered amazing Nigerian authors who wrote beautiful love stories. I read a few books that didn’t have to do with love but the love books won it this year. Just because I enjoyed the escape, the inspirations and encouragement I gleaned from reading, it’s only nice that I share a few books that I loved reading.

In no particular order *drum roll*

STILL by Eniola Prentice

Have you read a book that you actually see and feel what the author is writing?

When I initially started reading this book, I thought it was going to be difficult to keep up with the lives of four main characters alongside the support characters. Like “how am I expected to remember everything?” but alas! I realised that writing is different from “writing”. After a few pages, I could tell which character was saying what before I saw the name. It was like I knew them and what they could do or say. It was a long read but when it ended, I had to search online for answers for a follow-up volume of the book but there wasn’t any. The great news is that after sending the author an email to give a compliment and ask questions, I got information about the volume two that is coming out very soon so you won’t have to wait long.

I believe my favourite lesson from reading this book is recognising the importance of great friendships. It was set in a medical school and I guess having a strong support system is very important for that environment, well, as with any school; but the love and availability the friends had for one another was something I loved. Good friends are important but more importantly, good friends who know God like Ladi.

You can get the E-book for free here, (there’s a small catch, I’m participating in a competition by the author to have a character in the next book volume named after me & get some cash so please instead of entering your own last name, kindly use “oyin” instead; pretty please. Thank you). I’m sure that you would love the book.


Another book you see and feel. I loved it. Many lessons were passed across so nicely that they hit you differently. It is a Christian romance fiction (my favourite genre).

My favourite lesson would be how very important evangelism is to a believer. You cannot afford to be quiet about the Gospel as it can literally save another person’s life and possibly birth a love story (as per the story) but yes, speak up about your faith with everyone you get an opportunity with. Thou shall not let fear make you quiet.

You can read the E-book of this beautiful love story on Okadabooks for a very small price and it’s yours forever.


I saw and felt almost every page of this one. Ifeanyi and Mary’s love story was a complicated one but Ufuomaee did a fantastic job communicating gems in every chapter. I’ll be sharing my lessons from reading in a subsequent post but I must let you know that you cannot love another person “the love way” except you know the love of God. I know you will enjoy this love story and you should only read this book if you’re not a child. It’s a Christian book but detailed.

You can get the E-book on Okadabooks or for the hard copy, visit Ufuomaee’s blog.

LEAH by Uche Odedo

Another Christian book whose storytelling was beautiful. It was a refreshing read. It gave a different perspective to a popular bible story but still points you to the One who is Love himself. You can read my initial reaction after reading here.

My favourite lesson is about how we have God’s attention even when we are busy seeking to get attention and validation from a person we care about and God is just waiting for us to realise that we already have the attention of the Only One whose attention is the most important.

You can get the E-book on Okadabooks or the hard copy from Roving Heights.


I already shared some lessons from this beautiful book here but it deserves another mention.

My favourite lesson from reading is considering if the person you think you’re in love with can love you the way Christ would want them to love you. Making a decision to commit to a relationship & marriage cannot be based on emotions alone; it’s much deeper. Your relationship as a believer is expected to mirror the love between Christ and the Church.

You can read the E-book on Okadabooks or get the hard copy from Roving heights.

Okay, that’s my love book list from me to you (it’s actually longer but the post must not be too long). I hope you get to read, see and feel these stories. You will definitely learn something and be inspired to love more.

Now that I’ve shared my list with you, be nice and recommend books that you believe I’d love to read in 2019. Thank you in advance.

Also, Santa is stopping by *whoop whoop*. I believe you already know I’m a big fan of love and relationships are such a big deal that you can’t afford to date the wrong person as a believer. So, I’ll be giving away a book on dating that I read this year. It’s a splendid Christian book on love, dating and everything in between; DATING INTELLIGENTLY by Laju Iren.

How do you get Santa’s attention?

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Merry Christmas!

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  • Soore Olaoye
    Posted at 10:35h, 26 December Reply

    Interesting choice of books you read so far.
    Maybe you should begin to work towards writing yours.. #Justsaying

  • Ojadamola Takuro
    Posted at 11:09h, 26 December Reply

    How can one get the Eniola’s E-book for free here

  • Yvonne
    Posted at 23:52h, 26 December Reply

    Thank you very much for your review on these wonderful books. I hope to read each and every one of this sometime soon.

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 00:12h, 27 December Reply

      Thank you for reading through Yvonne.
      I’m sure you’d love them and I’m looking forward to reading your reviews also. 😉

  • Bam
    Posted at 12:13h, 27 December Reply

    Nice review, makes me want to go back to reading. I will try to read them(that might take a while but i will try)

    • Oyinkansola Odunlami
      Posted at 20:34h, 28 December Reply

      Thank you Bam. 😌 Glad you stopped by.
      I hope you do read more; slow progress is better than nothing. 💪🏽

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