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I listened in on a beautiful sermon by Pastor Laju on sharing the way of love and I believe it’s worth sharing, even though I’m still working on practising the lessons.

Here are a few points from the sermon:

It’s alright to love someone the way you think the person would like to be loved. But it is more important that you should love the person the way they would want to be loved.
You discover the person’s love language and respond thus.

God expressed His love to us by providing the gift of salvation for mankind. You can’t talk about the love of God without Christ. Salvation is always the context of God’s love. 1 John 3:16

Loving someone involves loving what the person loves. If you love God, you will love to see people saved. God’s love in you will motivate you to reach out to the lost. 2 Corinthians 5:14a 

Can people know about Jesus by looking at the way you live your life?

You got saved by hearing and believing the Gospel, not by being morally upright. Seeing your way of life isn’t what people need to be saved. They have to hear the Gospel, believe and be saved.

love like Christ
What about how challenging it might be to speak up about the Gospel?

You don’t see someone in danger and rationalise, you do whatever it takes to save that person from the danger. How much more the person’s soul?

Why add your voice rather than only support other believers who are sharing the Gospel?

God has given you the task of sharing the Gospel to make others friends of God.


He has also given you the message to share.

As a believer, now you want what God wants. Primarily, God wants to see everyone saved.

Your relationship with someone is a gift of God to that person. It is an opportunity for that person to hear the Gospel, know Christ, grow in the knowledge of Christ, make Christ known to people together, fellowship and grow together.

It may not be easy but if we love God then we would rely on Him to help us get better at sharing the Gospel.

Something about the goodness of God:

You must understand the goodness of God in the context of salvation, not in the gifts, blessings or happenings on earth. God is always good, that’s who He is. God is good!

Although there’s no link to this sermon, here are links for similar sermons on sharing The Gospel: Louder, Leaps and Bounds, Radical Together, Connect and Go!.

If you’ve learned a good way of sharing the Gospel, please share with us in the comment section. Thank you!

Cheers to doing more for the spread of the Gospel!

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