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Burst that bubble!

I thought that driving in Lagos for about three to four hours daily was the reason I was mostly tired to do anything meaningful when I was off work. I was living in a bubble that I’ll do better if I had more time.

Eventually, I decided to temporarily move to a location closer to my office. That’s when I realised that the traffic was not my problem even though it was a contributing factor. If there was anything that made a significant difference, I slept for more hours. Of course, it paid off in its own way: baby girl glow.

My fellowship with God did not improve as I thought it would. Thankfully, there was an online devotion I stream. So, I got to pray for some minutes and look up some bible verses. But I had a plan, I wanted to grow. Yet I could not give in to the demands and discipline required. I had more time off work since I got home earlier but as I mentioned, I just slept for more hours.

“What could be the problem?”

Oh, sometimes I got to faff at work and what did I mostly do? Scroll through Twitter and Instagram, read up different things, stalk a little get informed about people and get engaged with other less relevant things.

“Lord, please help your baby girl. I need to redeem my time.” That was my prayer almost all the time.

The bubble finally burst!

The problem wasn’t about not having enough time. I just didn’t make time for things that were of more importance for me.

I was reminded that it’s all about choices. Rather than going on social media, I could use my breaks at work or time before bed to catch up on my bible-reading plan or pray. I could choose to be awake for an extra hour and do the needful but I didn’t.

This wonderful excerpt from a book I read on prayer, which also applies to our fellowship with God generally, reemphasizes the point:

“We can hinder the time that should be spent with God by remembering we have other things to do.
‘I haven’t time’. Of course, you have not time! Take time!
Strangle some other interest and make time to realize that the center of power in your life is the Lord Jesus Christ.
– Oswald Chambers

Like me, you realise that if you want an excuse, you will always find one. However, you learn to make time for what’s important to you. Burst that bubble! You have enough time.


How do you manage your activities and time to have a vibrant fellowship with God?


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

P.S. This post was updated in June 2020.

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