Do you have to add your voice?

πŸŽ™- Do you have to add your voice?

Have you ever kept quiet instead of talking even when you have the right thing to say? Especially when it comes to speaking for the faith and related discussions, it often seems easier to keep the Truth to yourself. Or sometimes, you may not want to seem too loud about it. So, the question comes up. Do you have to add your voice?

On this episode, I answered that question and shared 7 reasons to support my position. You’ll also learn a bit on how to do it.

Listen, learn and enjoy!

I’ll love to know your thoughts too.

β†’ Do you think it is important to add your voice for the faith and related discussions?

β†’ What advice do you have on adding one’s voice on these discussions?

Please, let me know in the comment section. Also, remember to share this podcast with a friend. Thank you.

For more reasons to share the Truth, how to do it or getting over the fear of doing it, check out these posts: Why you should do it and This is why stalling isn’t such a good idea.

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