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Why You Should Do It

Sometime in September, I shared a part of this post on my instagram, here’s what I shared:

If there’s one thing I often do, it’s the ‘what if’ analysis.
I changed my bio on social media with the intention to engage better but my mind wouldn’t stop with the analysis.

What if I can’t keep up?
What if I don’t meet expectations?
What if I don’t represent the Christian faith properly?
What if someone asks a question about faith that I can’t answer yet?

What if I don’t have content to share on the blog often?
What if I get carried away with social media and stats?
What if my bible study isn’t vibrant enough?
What if I don’t get the desired response?
What if I don’t have the right caption, title or image?

And more ‘what ifs’

But then I saw a post on instagram with a part of the caption: “build as you go” and it seemed like the message was for me. Later, while reading a book (One thing you can’t do in Heaven by Mark Cahill), I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and trust God.

I shared a picture of the book on my instagram story after overcoming the ‘what ifs’ again and indecision of the caption to use; I didn’t expect any dramatic thing to happen from that but surprisingly, a lot of people viewed my story and best of all, I know someone who went on to search for the book. (Best feeling).

Moral of the post, ‘do it afraid’, ‘build as you go’, just get started and trust God to do best. Your stepping out could spur on another without you knowing.

As I have learnt several times, if you want an excuse, you will find one. Step out in faith, boldly.

Here’s to being a light to someone else. 🍷

It’s beautiful that the lessons above would most likely be relevant almost all the time while growing or evolving as we have to keep making decisions, creating a path for ourselves or lighting the way for others.

After sharing these lessons, I’ve had times that I thought about the essence of doing particular things and if anyone actually cared so much about the impact I’d like to make; but whenever these thoughts pop up, it’s like God just sends a flashcard or a memo like “Told ya! Someone is being blessed” and that brightens my heart.

So yes, you shining your light gives light for another person and even if it’s just one person then it’s absolutely worth it (and I’m sure it’s nothing close to the excitement of God having a new child being adopted into His family but you get the drift).

I’ve received feedback from the seemingly quiet supporters, people who went on to get a book I shared or had an improved mindset regarding something I mentioned; and all these unexpected feedback make me really happy. It made me wonder about how such people didn’t leave a comment on the blog or my social media posts but still took actions. It made me realise again the importance of obedience.

Yes please, get to work.
Start! Someone is waiting on you.

Regardless, you can still start now and build as you go; we keep learning, growing and improving but what you don’t start, you can’t improve upon.

Again, here’s to being a light to someone else! 🍷


Please share your experience; I’d really love to hear from you. Thank you.

(Oh! Welcome to our new home; courtesy of an amazing person). Do share how we can make this space better. Thanks.

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

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  • Daniel Adeyemi
    Posted at 22:58h, 11 November Reply

    Likeeee, comments and reshares aren’t the best metrics. People would come and tell me about something they saw or how it helped them and I’d be wondering why didn’t you type a comment?

    I like your new home even though I never knew the old one
    This amazing person must be really amazingggg

    • Oyinkansola
      Posted at 15:50h, 12 November Reply

      Honestly! It’s tempting to use those metrics but much better to focus on what one is doing.
      About leaving a comment, I don’t know why. I guess sometimes, the person doesn’t know how much it means to you.

      Thank you so so much Daniel! You keep inspiring us. Glad you’re here now.
      Yes, the person is!

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