Thursday with a surprise by colours and flavours

Thursday with a Surprise

It was a beautiful Thursday morning, having escaped Lagos stress and getting a wonderful cup of banana parfait, I g0t to work and decided to enjoy my healthy breakfast.

Next thing, a lovely colleague says she’s going to get her spoon to join me (I thought it was a joke, you know, just something someone says but doesn’t do) but yeah, this time wasn’t a joke.

Being a nice person 😌 and she’s generous also, I turn my face and allow her take from my parfait, she takes about two spoons and goes to her desk.

I look into my lovely cup of parfait and realise she took my two grapes 😩 but as a nice person again, I let it slide (I have to keep learning to share).

She returns to say the parfait was nice and asked if there were still grapes. In my mind I was like 😐; I let her know she took the only two grapes usually in the parfait. She apologised and I continued with my delicious parfait.

Guess what? I saw two more grapes at the bottom of my cup 😍. Oh! The excitement. I enjoyed my “surprise” grapes.

Later that day, reading my book “One thing you can’t do in heaven”, the writer also shared his experience about giving and the lesson was learned again.

Most especially, give someone the best gift of hearing the Good news of Christ from you; and here’s why you should it. 

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