Speaking up: Overcoming the fear of questions & what-ifs

๐ŸŽ™- Speaking up: Overcoming the fear of questions & what-ifs

On the episode “do you have to add to your voice?“, we established that every believer should speak up about their faith. However, when you decide to be bold and vocal about your faith, the fear of questions and what-ifs may pop into your mind. You may be concerned about someone asking a question that you are unable to answer correctly. Or you could imagine scenarios about how things may turn out when you speak up.

So, how do you overcome this fear of questions on the faith? What do you do about the unfavourable what-ifs that you imagine?
On this episode, I shared ways to deal with it so you can boldly speak up about the faith.

Listen, learn and enjoy!

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In addition, if you are asked a question and can’t correctly respond, please, know that it is okay to say that you don’t have an answer at that moment. You can then go ahead to refer the person to someone who may be able to help. Or you can offer to search for the correct answer to share later. Doing this is much better than sharing an incorrect answer. Also, despite the outcome of the situation, it should motivate you to prepare better and not stop you from speaking up in the future.

Recommended books:

1. Am I being fooled? by Pst. Emmanuel Iren (This is a free book so click on the title to get it.)

2. One thing you can’t do in Heaven by Mark Cahill

I’ll love to hear from you too.

โ†’ How else do you overcome the fear of questions on faith and unfavourable what-ifs?

โ†’ What other materials can you recommend to help?

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By the way, this is our 10th full episode on Colours & Flavours Podcast. ๐Ÿฅณย  Thank God for the journey thus far and thank you for being a part of it. Please, also remember to share this podcast with a friend. Thank you!

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