Grateful by colours and flavours


I hope you’re doing really good?
For me, I’ve been good mostly and I have so much to be thankful for so that keeps me going when my emotions try to play games.

I turned 22 on the 29th of October (I know, small girl, amazingly big God). “How well He does everything”, that’s one expression I can use for my appreciation to God. Abba came through for me much more than I could have imagined. He loves me and He made sure I was conscious of that through the past year. Thank Him on my behalf. Oh, I have grown! (You should get a detailed post about some of these things soon, by God’s Grace.)

And to you, the amazing you, thank you so much for making Colours and Flavours what it is. I appreciate you. You may not know how much this means to me but thank you!

So, I’ll be taking a break from publishing on the blog for a short time. I’ll love to give attention to myself and also prepare for my last professional paper (issa celebration!). You can read about one of my exam experiences here so you’ll get a glimpse of how excited I am to be completing this phase.

I didn’t just want to disappear without giving a heads up but be sure that you can reach me via instagram, twitter or mail and you’ll get a response. Also, don’t forget to catch up on posts you’re yet to read, share and please give me feedback so I can serve you better.
I’ll resume rushing you on the blog from the 4th of December,2018 (by God’s Grace!).

Thanks a lot for being here.


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