Lessons from the book of Daniel - Part 3

Lessons from the book of Daniel – Part 1

I’m currently reading through the book of Daniel and it’s been refreshing. For this study, I’m using a 3-weeks reading plan by She Reads Truth. It also includes corroborating Bible texts and study notes for each section. I’ll share what I learn as I read along and I consider it a good thing both for you and me.

I trust that reading my notes will bless you and inspire you to read the book of Daniel as well.

Here we go! You can click the sub-headings to read the She Reads Truth’s study note on that section.

Daniel’s Captivity in Babylon

Reading texts: Daniel 1:1-72 Kings 24:10-17Psalm 137:1-6

Just like Daniel was an exile in Babylon, we believers are also foreigners in this world. While we are here, this world would try to make us change our identity. However, we can choose to trust God. He will help us stay true to our real identity in Christ and obey Him alone as our King and Lord.

Faithfulness in Babylon

Reading texts: Daniel 1:8-211 Samuel 12:241 Peter 2:11-17

God helps us to do His will when we fully devote ourselves to Him. We only need to align our heart with His and He will do His Work in us from start to finish. It starts with a willing heart for God.

Another thing I learnt is that we can choose to honour God rather than satisfy ourselves with worldly pleasures. Again, He works in us to desire and to do His Will. We only need to consecrate ourselves to God that we will honour Him over all else.

Also, God wants us to obey our human masters as He does not approve of rebellion. So, we honour our human masters in view of our reverence for God but we mustn’t also please them over pleasing God.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Reading texts: Daniel 2:1-24Psalm 145:1-2Isaiah 44:6-8

There is only one true God, the God of heaven and the earth and He dwells with us, His people. He is not afar from His people, our God lives in us.

God is the source of wisdom, power and knowledge. With confidence in Him, we can ask Him anything and know that He will respond with the answers we need. It may be impossible for men but with God, nothing is impossible and that’s our privilege now in Christ.

Daniel Interprets the Dream

Reading texts: Daniel 2:25-49Luke 12:8-121 Corinthians 15:24-27

Only the kingdom of God will reign forever. Oh yes! His eternal kingdom will be established and we are the people of that kingdom. This world is passing away and only God’s kingdom will last forever.

Delivered from the Fire

Reading texts: Daniel 3:1-30Psalm 27:1-14Isaiah 43:2

This was a powerful and challenging chapter for me. We see the power of God so majestically displayed through the lives of the three young Hebrew men that even unbelievers couldn’t help but acknowledge that there is no other god like our God.

Then we see the faith of these young men challenge us. It reminded me that faith is us aligning with God’s Will, not getting Him to endorse ours. They knew God’s Will that they should worship Him alone and they stayed true to that despite the threat to their lives.

God expects us to know, love and honour Him above all else. It is possible to do this as He empowers us to do so and this applies even in difficult situations. If we lose our lives for Christ’s sake then we truly save it. But if we try to save our lives rather than obey Him then we actually lose it. Whatever threat we face in this world as we hold on to our faith in God can only affect our mortal bodies but the salvation of our soul is much more precious and eternal.

We also know and trust in God that He is able to save and help us during difficult situations. That said, regardless of the outcome of doing His will, we should still obey Him. That’s faith and it pays.

Lastly, no matter the gathering we find ourselves, even in the midst of humans with great power, we should honour the One who has all the power and not compromise our faith in Him because we want to please men. We remain the light of God no matter where we find ourselves so we shine regardless.

That’s it for part 1. Of course, you should read the book of Daniel. Be sure to also look out for part 2 and 3 of my lesson notes as I read along.

As you read the study notes on the book of Daniel, make sure to test the content against the Word of God which is the Truth.


P.S. The 3-weeks Daniel reading plan is also available for men on He Reads Truth.

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