It was the year 2012

Scientists believed that the world would be destroyed

Some people created tickets to be on a ship to avoid dying

But the boarding tickets were exclusive to certain people.

Despite having the exclusive tickets

The ship owners left some people to die.


Yes, this world is passing away

But we have exclusive access to eternal life inside of us

We don’t have to work for this access

Nothing can revoke our access

We can’t be denied our access.


We got this access when we believed in the Gospel

His Spirit in our hearts is our down payment

No one who has the Holy Spirit will be left behind.


Our hope of being saved on that last day cannot disappoint

His Spirit in us preserves us

We are going home to Daddy

And best of all, we are going to live with Him forever.


We have a better ticket than they did in the movie, 2012




Here’s what the Bible has to say:

No, this world is not going to last forever

But God has given everyone who believes a way to live forever

He has paid our price

And He has sealed us as His people forever

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